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What We Do

The 7 Key Mindsets

We teach you how to develop the best mindset so you excel personally & professionally, and smile more.


We offer inspiring well being at work & coaching programmes to help bring about lasting positive change in your life, career or business. Options include 1-2-1, Webinars and Workshops.

Marcus and his team were key in helping me focus on the right goals and in bring them to fruition. His programme and delivery were both motivating and thoroughly professional throughout. I’m also now able to relax at will, which is essential in a high pressure role. I highly recommend The Mindset Revolution to anyone looking to gain more focus and develop a great clarity of vision for the future.

Captain Richard Chadwick

737 First Officer, Jet 2

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There’s something about a person who lifts your spirits and makes you smile. Marcus – from The Mindset Revolution – is just such a person and attending his courses open your eyes and your mind to the positive in the world and how you can bring it to you, your life and your business.

Lisa Penn

Director, Penn Ink Productions

Happier Minds

Teams Developed

Careers Saved

Businesses Grown

Marcus was instrumental in helping me regain control over my daily life and my emotions. When you are bombarded with stresses and challenges it is difficult to see the wood for the trees and this is where clearly defined goal Focus, positive mental attitude training, and meditation played a huge part in helping me mould my future. Many thanks to Marcus and The Mindset Revolution for supplying me with the tools I needed to get my life back on track.

Derek Ryan

Senior Manager, Manheain

Some of the organisations we work with…

Chelsea Football Club Foundation

.Community & Business start up support.


Banking Services

Metro Bank

Retail & Commercial Banking Services

Happy Days Childrens Charity

Since 1992, Happy Days has been organising and funding special days such as trips to the seaside, theatres, zoos, museums, outdoor activity centres, sporting events and other educational and cultural activities for children living with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.

IP Global

International property investments

Income Made Smart



Business Support Services

M K Ginder & Sons

Funeral Directors

From the time I have spent with Marcus and listening to his presentation there is no doubt that he knows his stuff and can sure add value to your business or any endeavour in life. His enthusiasm and bubbling personality is infections and propel the worst pessimistic person as he opens your eyes to area of your business or life you never thought of. Well done Marcus!

Ovie Uzuazebe

CEO, Elvie Cleaning

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