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Why We Procrastinate (and how to stop it)

Procrastination affects pretty much every one from time to time. Some of us find it gets in the way of life, business or work. There are many reasons why we do it. This video covers the top 3 reasons most people procrastinate and how you can choose to stop it. Enjoy!

Thanks Bill Gates

Thanks to Bill Gates of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, for doing some advertising for me! Well, sort of...  Book your coaching session now! #coaching #businesscoaching #growthmindset #TheMindsetRevolution #billgates #ericschmidt

How To Relax

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Hear Some Of Marcus’s Story…

Pretty much everyone has the ability to be more successful, either personally, professionally or both. Our coaching will empower you to unleash your full potential and create the life, career or business you truly desire.

Watch this 90 second video clip to hear a little about Marcus’s story and why he founded The Mindset Revolution to help people just like you.

Why You Need A Coach

Anyone seeking to improve their personal performance, acquire new skills or realise their full potential benefits from coaching. Every sports person, actor and successful business leader understands we all need feedback, that’s how we improve. The same applies to every aspect of our lives.

“Insanity: Doing the same over and over and expecting different results” Albert Einstein (allegedly!)

Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, both have coaches. In this 90 second clip hear them explain how if you want to grow personally or professionally, you’ll do it faster and better with the right coaching.

There’s something about a person who lifts your spirits and makes you smile. Marcus – from The Mindset Revolution – is just such a person and attending his coaching opens your eyes and your mind to the positive in the world and how you can bring it to you, your life and your business.

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Having worked with Marcus for 18 months I can absolutely recommend him as a professional business and life coach. His programmes are very well structured and he certainly helps you get REAL results. He takes you through a process that ‘just works’. He won’t let you down, I guarantee. Get ready for action…

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