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The phrase ‘nothing is forever’ is more appropriate in today’s job market than ever before.  Now and in the future, people can expect to move jobs far more frequently than in the past. Companies are moving towards fewer employed staff and the use of outside consultants or self-employed associates for non-core advice and input.  Team style management, consisting of team members with their own personal specialist skills, is becoming more fashionable. More people work as employed or self-employed consultants. 25% of the UK population is now self employed.

The message in this is that it’s no good getting into a job, settling into a comfortable rut and believing that all will be well.  It won’t! Technology and skills will overtake you and your job will be redundant.

It’s time to find your dream job!

Marcus was instrumental in helping me regain control over my daily life and my emotions. When you are bombarded with stresses and challenges it is difficult to see the wood for the trees and this is where clearly defined goal Focus, positive mental attitude training, and meditation played a huge part in helping me mould my future. Many thanks to Marcus and The Mindset Revolution for supplying me with the tools I needed to get my life & career back on track.

Des Ryan


Our Career Coaching programme will help you get fit for your next role and develop the best mindset to overcome the challenges ahead. Before that, and more importantly, we will make sure you are in the right career sector and that you are following your career goals, not someone else’s.

We have a tried and tested Career Coaching programme that gives you all the resources you need to stay ahead of the rest. We also recognise that everyone’s journey is different so we compliment the programme with bespoke coaching and mentoring that is just for you.

All outcomes will vary depending on your needs. The most likely core outcomes from the Career Coaching Development programme are;

  • Find your true career path.
  • Be interview ready
  • Earn you true worth
  • Know how to write a CV that stands out.
  • Understand the unadvertised job market
  • Being aware of how self talk influences our attitudes and daily interactions.
  • To have an understanding of why goal setting is important and how to achieve them.
  • Be able to use visualisation techniques with clarity to positively influence future outcomes.
  • To confidently communicate the best version of you both at a conscious and subconscious level.
  • The ability to understand, manage, and reduce negative stress.


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